Where I Live

I do not live in a Chateau but beside one! My husband is a Gardien and we have a converted barn in the grounds...much nicer on the whole as it is much easier to heat!!!!

The main wing of the Chateau...built in 1666 on the site of a Medieval Chateau and before that a Roman Villa.The bridge goes over what is left of the moat and the buildings form a square courtyard with two towers either side of the bridge. Pre French Revolution there was a large arch with buildings either side so that in times of need the Chateau could be sealed.
The Old Roman Road...part of Agrippa's Highway...

This old way leads through my garden and then underneath my salon coming out into this courtyard of the Chateau

Corner of the first courtyard showing the Garde-robe on the corner...the Chateau used to be fully moated so a good place to have a toilet was hanging out over the moat!


Colours and Textures said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. Looks lovely. I like the garde-robe

Colours and Textures said...

PS the chateau at Chillon has them over
Lake Geneva