Waldorf Doll Care

Your doll has been made using quality cotton tricot with superwashed lambswool fleece filling, and will need only very gentle hand washing. It is possible to completely submerge the doll in water but please take note...AIR DRYING TAKES SEVERAL DAYS...YOUR DOLL MUST BE AIR DRIED AND NEVER BE PLACED IN A TUMBLE DRYER OR SIMILAR.Generally being wiped over with a slightly soapy sponge will suffice.

The hair of your doll is either mohair or wool and for the longer hairstyles it is best to tie this up in plaits before bathing to stop it becoming tangled. Hair can be finger combed or brushed depending on the style.

Here are the 2 methods of washing in more detail.

Just A Shower...

Particularly appropriate for larger dolls as giving them a full bath would mean many days of drying.

Use tepid water with a gentle wool soap like Woolite

Using a lightly soaped sponge wipe the doll...wipe over again with a sponge dipped and squeezed in fresh cold water...place on a towel face down to dry.

A Full Bath...

Suitable for my Bebe Baby Bunting Range of dolls.

Immerse the doll in a bowl of tepid water with a mild solution of gentle washing liquid like Woolite...NOT powder. Let the doll soak for a while, gently swish the soapy water in and out of the doll until clean. Empty the water out and gently roll the doll in a towel to absorb excess water and soap. Fill the bowl with fresh cold water and gently rinse, changing the water frequently until all the soap is rinsed out. NEVER WRING OR TWIST THE DOLL. Again roll the doll in a clean dry towel...using another dry towel as required. When you are happy that as much water as possible has been removed… re-shape the head and limbs if required. Change the towel and lay the doll face down on it and let it air dry for a few days...changing the towel when it becomes wet.

For All Dolls...

If necessary re-apply a little blush to the cheeks using a beeswax crayon dabbed onto a small piece of soft cloth or a brush and powder blusher (make-up) and finally brush or finger comb the hair.

All removable clothing can be hand washed and dried as is usual.

S.O.S. Emergency

If your doll ever needs to go to hospital...contact me...I can help!

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