My Waldorf Dolls...

Hi my name is Sue Paine and I made the first of these little dolls over 30 years ago for a local Rudolph Steiner School in North Wales, where I was then living. I was delighted with the small character that I had created from an old T-Shirt and fleece collected from the hedgerows! I love these dolls...like children each one is totally unique.

" A doll has to be something a child can love" Kathe Kruse, the famous German dollmaker, said...this is so true. After many years of restoring and making dolls for collectors I have returned to my first dollmaking love...the charming and simple Waldorf.
I hope that your child will love their Hugger-Mugger Doll and maybe this doll will go on to be a friend and companion to the next generation as well.

My Embroidered Signature...

All dolls made by me have a hand embroidered heart and within this heart is my signature hand embroidered "Bee". The only exception is on Bébé Baby Hugger-Mugger which has just the "Bee" embroidered on the felt bib.