Friday, March 15, 2013

New Blog

I and the dolls have moved

Friday, March 30, 2012


I am a very unreliable Blogger! Have you noticed?
When I am busy stitching I forget about my on-line life apart from using my computer for listening to books or radio whilst I sew, embroider or stuff dolls. At this time of year it gets even more difficult the sun has been shining and the garden looks so inviting...

I am lucky to have a very large garden with many wild areas, which I love.Here nature rules without any interference.

Always masses of pretty Primroses, lots of pink ones too!

Sweet Violets everywhere, all colours from deep purple to a pale almost white. They smell so delicious.

This is what I see looking through my front door, a huge and very brilliant Forsythia. The burst of citrus lemon at this time of year is so wonderful after the grey days of Winter. I brought this plant as a stick from Scotland 15 years ago and it was the first shrub that I planted in my future garden.

13 years ago some friends were pruning their Willow, it was November and I asked them for a branch well this is that branch. It is now a big tree and getting bigger. I love it at this time of year, the emerging leaves are lime green and the flowers yellow. I have since taken other branches from this tree and planted them, they are all thriving. I just take the branch and plunge it into the ground!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hair Today

I am always searching for yarns to make natural looking hair for my dolls. I try always to give my dolls a "realistic" hair-do...without too much bulk but with the scalp is my latest favourite find...

It is a superfine kid mohair and it is very,very fine...not the easiest yarn to work with but I love the end result it gives a wispy hair so typical of the hair of young children.
Here is one of my new dolls with her fine mohair hair....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Web Site for Hugger-Mugger Dolls

Well at long last my web site is up if not quite running...I still have to stock the "Dolly Shop" for the time being my Etsy shop is the place to go for buying one of my dolls...